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About Dexters
Why Dexters are the ideal small acreage cow
Remember phone books?... your BREEDER PROFILE can be as generic as a white page listing or as effective as yellow page advertisement. It is your easiest opportunity to increase sales and even pre-sell future stock.
Crafting a great Marketplace Listing
Listings on The Dexter Marketplace have the distinct advantage of being a hybrid between a simple classified ad and a more detailed engaging marketing ad.
Buying a Dexter Family Milk Cow
Here is a brief rundown of things you will want to consider, before taking the plunge.
7 Tips for Better Farm Photos
Great photos do not require a fancy camera, but they are no accident. The secret is in planning ahead and being prepared.
The 1-2-3's of a Great Farm Sign
3 reasons to have one, 3 elements that will make them effective and 3 design tips to consider
Join Us! Become a Sponsor
Sponsorship is a giant step up from merely donating to a worthy cause - Sponsors are part of the team!
Let Your Breeder Profile Work for YOU
Your Breeder Profile can bring future sales your way long after a particular animal has been sold.
How important is a good farm sign?
A sign can work for you, or against you. These survey statistics will get you thinking more about your own farm sign.
Pre-haul Truck & Trailer Check
Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Transportation educator, Allen Wiggins stresses, “Start at the front of the truck and go back."
Long Distance Hauling
Show cattle professionals who haul their stock long distance know how to get their animals to their destination safely and healthy.