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When quality, not quantity is the priority... your best choice is Dexters
Don't let their small size fool ya... Dexters are hardy, practical and the ideal size for small acreages and grass-fed beef
As the family cow or the family business, find the Dexters that fit your needs here on The Dexter Marketplace
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Registered Cow with Dun Heifer Calf
Prague, NE
ADCA, Black,Polled A2/A2 bull
Cullman, AL
Beautiful white heifer
Salvisa, KY
About Dexters
11/1/2020 Dexter Marketplace
Why Dexters are the ideal small acreage cow
3/19/2022 DexterMarketplace
Remember phone books?... your BREEDER PROFILE can be as generic as a white page listing or as effective as yellow page advertisement. It is your easiest opportunity to increase sales and even pre-sell future stock.
Crafting a great Marketplace Listing
3/17/2022 Carolyn Fox
Listings on The Dexter Marketplace have the distinct advantage of being a hybrid between a simple classified ad and a more detailed engaging marketing ad.
Let Your Breeder Profile Work for YOU
3/17/2022 Dexter Marketplace
Your Breeder Profile can bring future sales your way long after a particular animal has been sold.