A great thing about Dexter Marketplace is the opportunity to market your breeding operation whether you have animals to sell right now or not. Your BREEDER PROFILE allows potential future buyers to find you, see what you have to offer and provides an easy, secure way to connect with you.
Remember phone books?... your BREEDER PROFILE can be as generic as a white page listing or as effective as yellow page advertisement. So think about it... when you are looking for goods or services, do you go to the white pages or yellow pages?
Your BREEDER PROFILE can show on all your animal listings giving a potential buyer even more info about you, building confidence in you- the breeder, which could go a long way to help sell that animal.
First things first... SIGN UP to use Dexter Marketplace as a BREEDER.
Once you have an account... LOG IN, then select MY ACCOUNT from the green toolbar at the top. Once you are there, click the yellow UPDATE PROFILE button.
So... let's break down your BREEDER PROFILE info.
Let's start with your contact methods. Email or phone or both? - If you are okay with your phone number being visible online... include it in your profile. If you are not, then a buyer can use the CONTACT button which send a their message from DexterMarketplace securely to your email address. Your email address is not visible.
Speaking of contact methods... if you are serious about increasing sales...  answer the phone! or at a minimum... return the call ASAP. Have a polite voice recording rather than the dreaded "The person you are dialing is unavailable. At the tone, please leave a message." Also, check that your voice mailbox is NOT full so a message and call back number can be left.
If email is your preference... check it frequently and reply ASAP.
Next... Website, Social Networking Links. Obviously, if you have 'em... include 'em. Both are invaluable marketing tools and project a sense of professionalism to a buyer as they dig deeper into what you have to offer.
Include Your Photo and Your Logo.
Some people cringe at the thought of their personal photo being shown. Okay, then how about a good pic of you doing something on your farm, feeding the herd, on the tractor, whatever... so long as it communicates and builds trust with your buyer.
Don't have a logo? If you have a farm name... a logo can be as simple as a well chosen typeface. 
Finally... where the magic happens.... your PROFILE section.
It's time to tell your buyer what you are about. Your focus, your mission statement, your philosophy, your story, whatever. Your PROFILE is like an ad or brochure. Buyers do not accidentally land on DexterMarketplace.com, they are there deliberately to get as much info as possible. If they are not interested in your PROFILE, they can overlook it, but typically buyers are on a fact finding mission as they hunt for just the right Dexter to suit their needs.
A better BREEDER PROFILE  is your easiest opportunity to increase your sales and even pre-sell future stock. 
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