Dexter Marketplace


We are Dexter breeders on a mission to promote our small cattle in a big way! 

Thank you sponsors for joining our cause

Corporate Sponsors
Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America
Legacy Dexter Cattle Cattle Registry
Livestock Breed Conservancy
Premier One Livestock Fencing
Jack & Carol Farrell, Coldwater, MS
USDA Farm Service Agency
California Cattlemen's Association
Sierra Dexter Breeders
Loomis Basin Large Animal Veterinary Clinic
DryShod Footwear
Tractor Supply
Nasco Farm Supply
New England Cheesemaking Supply Company
Bob White Systems Small Scale Dairy Equipment


Jim Countryman & Agnes Sparpanic, Tolfree Farms, Ontonagon, MI 
Bob & Carrie Curlee, Crest Point Farms, Grass Valley, CA
Bill & Susan Glanz, Escondido, CA
Tim & Gwen Larson, Santa Clarita, CA 
Earl & Bridgette Falwell, Colfax, CA
Laura Christofk, Grass Valley, CA
Wes & Jane Patton, Glenn Land Farms, Orland, CA
Robin Pittack, Phrisky Farms, Shelton, WA
SA Walkup, Gladhour Farm, Wheeling, MO
Shaun Lord, Someday Maybe Farm, Forestville, NY

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