Proven Herd Bull: Red Carrier

Foxglove's Inca
Foxglove Farm
299 Swede Hill Rd
Russell, PA 16345
United States

Animal Name
Foxglove's Inca
May Trade
Category  Purebred

First class dairy type bull, two years old (born 2/27/21), out of Chautauqua Ruari (PDCA 208786-C) by Foxglove's Percival (PDCA 208652-C), red carrier (so on red or red carrier cows progeny should (and does) include red or dun calves). Long legged and more dairy than beef in appearance: this bull reflects this farm's goal of producing homestead cattle, animals for people looking to milk a cow and raise freezer beef. Please pull up the pedigrees: there are some truly marvelous old Dexter blood lines in Inca's lineage.
Not a child's project: this bull could be more respectful of humans; he doesn't leap to obey. That said, he has a good disposition: he leads, stands on lead to have burrs combed out, and handles easily going in and out of the farm as a rental bull,
Inca has rather ugly horns resulting from botched de-horning (see photos). While happy to stand and have his facial burrs combed, he was not as ready to have his tail burrs done (also see photo). He is due back from rental and available for purchase 4/1.
Inca's September bull calf, FG Kingfish, with dam, FG Raven. Better view of Kingfish, with babysitter
Chondro & PHA Negative
Parent Verified
Traditional Horned
About This Breeder
Pete Westover
299 Swede Hill Rd
Russell PA 16345
United States
Foxglove Farms Pete Westover
We have raised Dexters since 1998, starting with Marsha Read's Old Orchard calves and a Carol Davidson Hiyu bull. We are located in far northwestern PA, just south of Jamestown NY. We produce animals for the homestead market, people who want to keep one or two cows, using the cows for household dairy products and raising the bull calves for meat. Calves are weaned and sold at 5 months, tame and halter broke.

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