Black horned 2yr old bull carries red & A2, excellent temperment & udder genetics, fully dna tested

Rapheal of HCD Farms
HCD Farmd
32540 Lonestar Road
Paola, KS 66071
United States

Animal Name
Rapheal of HCD Farms
May Trade
Category  Purebred

Rapheal DOB 12-30-21 is Non-chondro non-pha carries red and 1 copy of A2 milk gene. His sire "Forrest of JP Farms" adca # 045646 is an extremely impressive and beefy dexter bull with an excellent temperment just like Rapheals, both very easy to work. His dam "El Princea of HCD Farms" has beautiful symetrical dark tipped horns as well as a great udder and teat placement, she as well has good temperment and the look of a great example of a traditional dual purpose dexter. While El Princea is full dexter she came to me as unregistered, so while Rapheal has some great genetics passed to him from both his dam and sire, unfortunately he himself cannot be registered. However I feel he could make a great young herdsire for someone who may not require registered status of offspring, but still desires the true dexter look and a beefy good milk genetic smaller statured dexter with horned genetics. He has been worked with regularly and is extremely easy going and eager to please. He is looking for a new pasture through no fault of his own. I am in need of downsizing my herd some though and of the 2 bull prospects I kept as bulls to watch develop I have decided to keep his half brother who is dun and also isn't quite as closely related to certain heifers in my herd. Fully dna tested through UCDavis and as well as blood tested negative against various hidden diseases that I regularly screen my entire herd for as a precaution. The herd he's been raised in his entire life is disease free. Located 45 minutes south of Kansas City just outside Paola, KS. Photos and videos of both Rapheals sire and dam available upon request as are additional photos or videos of Rapheal. I did work with him some on halter as a calf, and although I myself didn't know what I was doing and his was the 1st group I worked with on halter, he did very well with it. I didn't follow through, but even today I can still put a halter on him and lead him if I desire though I wouldn't technically call him halter trained. He's just a well mannered respectful young bul that wants to please, so even though I myself didn't do great on halter training or following through, he'll still let me put one on and go where I want him to one the rare occassions I've tried that since he's been grown. Please contact me if he might fit your or any of your girl dexter's needs, as I do need to move him and a couple of others from my herd fairly soon for both space and financial reasons as I downsize some.
Chondro & PHA Negative
Parent Verified
Emphasis - beef production
Traditional Horned
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