Dexter Cows for sale in Central Michigan

Georgette, Daphne, Betty, Carly, Daisy
2 Men & A Hen
16548 45th Ave
Barryton, MI 49305
United States

Animal Name
Georgette, Daphne, Betty, Carly, Daisy
May Trade
Category  Purebred

2 Men & A Hen has 5 Irish Dexter Cows that are all exposed to one of our current herd sires Mendenhall's Cronus (302399-C) looking for new pasture. These girls are being offered for sale individually or together. We can discuss discounts if multiple are purchased. The dehorned girls are available because we are selling all of our hornless girls and we have daughters that are horned to replace them. The 3 horned dwarf girls are modern horned and we are focusing more on our legacy horned cattle. Several of these girls were worked with on halter training and leading but we have not all have been haltered while here. There are some really nice body types and udders in this group of cows. Cuts need to be made as we are now over 80 head of cattle. They are being sold as exposed all cows had calves in 2023 and should be bred for summer calves in 2024. If you would like confirmed bred we can test for an additional $250 per cow. These girls are all registered with PDCA and Legacy and transfer fees are included in the price.
Lakeport AJ Georgette (301656-C) DOB: Mar 11, 2015, Traditionally Honed (Dehorned) PHA & BD1 Negative, A2/A2 $2,000
Lakeport SD Daphne (301222-C) DOB: Apr 9, 2015, Traditionally Honed (Dehorned) BD1 Positive, PHA Negative, A1/A2 $3,000
Ellington's Betty (301852-C) DOB: Jul 22, 2017, Modern Horned, BD1 Positive, PHA Negative $2,500
Ellington's Carly (301853-C) DOB: Sep 16, 2018, Modern Horned, BD1 Positive, PHA Negative $2,500
Ellington's Daisy (302009-C) DOB: Apr 13, 2019, Modern Horned, BD1 Positive, PHA Negative $2,500
Chondro Carrier
Parent Verified
Emphasis - beef production
Traditional Horned
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Ryan Thatcher
16548 45th Ave
Barryton MI 49305
United States
2 Men & A Hen Ryan Thatcher
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Small family farm in Central Michigan. Feel free to check us out on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and our website. We are here to support those around us.

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