Beef-making herd

3 heifers (exposed) and 2 cows (plus one heifer calf) to produce offspring for grass fed beef
Gladhour Farm
Meadville, MO 64659
United States

Animal Name
3 heifers (exposed) and 2 cows (plus one heifer calf) to produce offspring for grass fed beef
May Trade
Category  Grade/Crosses

Dexters cows often produce to age 15; originally listed cows were mostly 3-5 year olds from out of my registered herd that were running as unregistered grass fed beef-producers; heifers are from same group. I wish to sell them to someone who has sufficient acreage and sufficient entrepreneurial spirit to direct-market the beef produced. They can truthfully say that their beef comes from the same herd as the one which produced the 2019 American Royal Grand Champion steak, Grassfed Division. These females were captured and have been penned for sale since spring and need a new home to eat good grass! They were not handled up to that time so more attention will improve their apparent docility, but I have walked among them without undue skittishness. Reducing herd due to owner age & health. These are not culled because of lack of quality, but because I cannot swear parentage & birthdate. Perfectly fine for beef-producers. I’m keeping old cows with tattoos and selling these younger ones to advantage a person wanting to have a grassfed beef business, best living near city or university town (for market) and not too far from abattoir (to control costs of beef). Remaining females are red & black. Bulls available too.
Emphasis - beef production
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